Sep 012008

Hi all…

Firefox 3.0.1 showing the Acid2 test on MIPS (click to enlarge)

Firefox 3.0.1 showing the Acid2 test on MIPS (click to enlarge)

I’ve been rather busy and thus haven’t had much time for Gentoo work, but today I managed to get some patches together that allow Firefox 3.0.1 to build and run on MIPS.

The ebuild is as yet, unkeyworded, as I wish to do some further testing.  I have successfully compiled it on little-endian MIPS, and it mostly seems to work okay.  It mostly passes the Acid2 test with some slight errors, but unfortunately, crashes part way through the Acid3 test — this I’ll investigate when I have the time.  It also crashes on my blog so your mileage may vary.

No testing has been done on big-endian MIPS at this stage, as my O2 is down for the short term (need to build a new kernel and get X running) so I’d appreciate feedback from users on this matter.

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  1. What use flags did you set and what patches did you apply? I tried to build xulrunner-1.9 on my au1200 but it failed to build an apparently bit-rot mips-specific assembler file..

  2. <- Did you see this? It’s about some new Mips based “Nettop” from some company in China. Has been discovered at the IFA(Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin. Seems like a rather slow device, but for 100 US$ in OEM quantities? Hey 🙂 It’s using “XIP-Linux” which made me wonder if they are using the new AXFS to save some Ram?

  3. Manuel: I used default USE flags (no xulrunner) which was probably a mistake on my part — for the short term we’ve pulled the patches until such time as I can fix the clash with xulrunner.

    Someone: I haven’t looked at the video yet… I wouldn’t have a clue how they’re constructed at this point. Not everything that runs Linux/MIPS is a viable target for Gentoo/MIPS — and some of these set-top boxes are pretty small in the RAM. If they’re relying on execute-in-place filesystems, then I’d say it’s probably too small for us to support.

    Not to say it doesn’t sound like a nice device… but time constraints means it’s next to impossible to target everything.

  4. Hi,

    for testing, would it be sufficient to run it on the MIPS machine
    and display somewhere with X11-forwarding?

    Having an ebuild or binary package available I could give it some testing on my Octane{,2}
    but I do not want to move that CRT monster again 🙁